Lapiplasty Surgical Procedure

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Lapiplasty Surgical Procedure in Lakewood, CO. Address pain, and restore the natural anatomy of the foot. Visit us online or call our office at (303) 233-9107.

What is Lapiplasty?

Lapiplasty is anadvanced surgical procedure designed to provide a three-dimensional correction of bunions (halluxvalgus deformities). Unliketraditional bunion surgeries that merely address the condition in two dimensions,Lapiplasty offers a holistic approach, tackling the root cause of the bunion at its unstablejoint, providing a comprehensive solution.

Why Choose Lapiplasty at LEAP Foot & Ankle Specialists?

●             True BunionCorrection: While traditional treatments might shave off the bony bump,Lapiplasty corrects the entire deformity, decreasing chances of recurrence.

●             Quicker Recovery: Patients undergoing Lapiplasty often experience a faster and smoother recovery, with many returningto weight-bearing activities within weeks.

●             Advanced Expertise: Our team at LEAP Foot & AnkleSpecialists is proficient in this moderntechnique, ensuring precisionand successful outcomes.

●             Patient-Centric Approach: Your comfort, safety,and results are our priority. We guide you through every step, from consultationto post-surgery care, ensuring a seamless experience.

Benefits of Lapiplasty

●             Restores natural anatomyof the foot.

●             Potentially reduces long-termarthritis risks.

●             Stabilizes the middlefoot, addressing the root issueof the bunion.

●             Minimal scar visibility.

●             Faster return to activities comparedto traditional bunionsurgeries.

Who is an Ideal Candidate?

If you'reexperiencing pain, discomfort, or cosmetic concernsdue to bunions, Lapiplasty might bethe solution you've been waiting for. We recommend scheduling a consultationwith our specialists to discuss theseverity of your condition, your medical history, and determine if Lapiplasty is the best option for you.




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