About Us

Who Are We

At LEAP Foot and Ankle Specialists pllc, we're a family-owned team led by the dedicated duo Dr. Melissa Hurwitz and Dr. Jared Menchin. As board-certified podiatrists, we offer exceptional foot and ankle care, empowering the communities of Lakewood, Denver, and beyond towards a life of comfort and activity.

Our Mission

Our goal is to guide every patient on a path to healthier, happier feet. With a comprehensive range of podiatric services, from surgical procedures to conservative management, we tackle ailments like plantar fasciitis, bunions, sports injuries, and diabetic foot complications. At LEAP, we're not just treating symptoms; we're crafting personalized solutions for overall well-being.

Our Values

Holistic Healing
Focusing on the entire individual, addressing physical, emotional, and
lifestyle aspects.
Expertise and Innovation
Staying updated with the latest in knowledge & technology to offer cutting-edge patient care.
Family-Centered Care
Extending our family values to our practice, ensuring warmth & empathy in every interaction.
Educational Empowerment
Informing and educating our patients, allowing them to make the best decisions for their health.
Collaborative Approach
Valuing patient input and customizing treatments to meet unique needs.

Let’s Take the Leap Together

At LEAP Foot and Ankle Specialists PLLC, we advocate for your comfort, mobility, and overall well-being. We invite you to join us on a journey towards healthier, happier feet and a life lived to its fullest potential.